Terrorvision on Television

My love for Terrorvision is well known and to those of a wrong-headed nature, inexplicable.  Anyway, whoever runs their Twitter account posted that the entirety of Fired Up and Lairy, Terrorvision on Television was on YouTube.  And lo and behold, so it was, in all four parts.

It features a sort of spoof documentary type thing, linking all their videos from Formaldehyde and How to Win Friends And Influence People, plus a fair bit of live stuff from the latter filmed at the Astoria.  (I really must find a copy of that somewhere. And also who that was doing live backing vocals on Discotheque Wreck.  I assume Josephine Ellul but it doesn’t look like her.)

So clicky the linky and watch.  If only for the gag about where Shutty was born.

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