I’ve just been slagged off as a troll by the Guardian

This is a four part thing that started with an annoyed comment on the website and ended up with me in the middle of The Guardian, The Register and several freelance journos.  I thought I would save it for posterity just for interest.  The comments left on my original blog have been preserved.  The bottom of the page has links to the next bit.

The Twatterati are closing ranks.  Paul Carr, who got a pasting from Andrew Orlowski in The Register last week, has now had a pop in the Guardian itself.    And I’ve been honoured with an attack as well.

One commenter – “Plissken” – complained that “the people involved says it all, really”, referring to the fact that several of the people quoted in Kiss’s piece work in, gasp, marketing. “Itchybollix” agreed, asking whether “looking at that front-page photo should it be ‘twatter’?” Seriously – what the hell is wrong with these people? Is it really more important for them to attack the people who use Twitter than to admit that, while they may not be a fan of the medium, the message it sends out with events such as Twestival can be pretty incredible?

I’ve asked for a right to reply.  Bet you a fiver I don’t get it.


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