This is my own little corner of the web, which will be full (or rather, not so full) of stuff. Some of it might even be interesting.

On the other hand, personal homepages are sometimes self-indulgent rubbish, and of little interest to anyone except the author, their closest and most loyal friends and any passing psychotic stalker. I suspect that this website will conform to the stereotype quite explicitly.

This site contains my blog where I write about whatever I feel like. Occasionally, I write something a bit longer, or dabble in the archives, in which case you want to have a look in the Other Stuff. These pages will undoubtedly contain swearing and subjects which might upset those of a delicate nature. So if there is some possibility of me causing you any offence I suggest you put on your tinfoil hat and sit in your living room, head between your knees, whimpering quietly.

There are also some links to other things that I find interesting.

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