NTK – its back! (Sort of,)

I think I plugged this, but if you were a geeky type in the late 90s/early 2000s you had to have had a sub to NTK, the sarcastic, spiteful and terribly British email about all things on the Internet. Every Friday, the weekend would unofficially start when a newsletter full of stuff, wit and links arrived in your inbox. If you were particularly obsessed, you had a NTK t-shirt.

I had two.

It died, or to use its own parlance… FALCO!-ed (named after the award given to any internet company that went before its time, just like the Austrian techno-rap artiste) in 2007, having been a bit sporadic for a while before then.  But it was fun and ace and cool and “the memoryyyyy remaaaaaaaaiiins”.

Anyway, in a Minimal Viable Celebration, they’ve started emailing NTK again – the old NTK, just exactly 15 years on.  This is the new old Anno NTK posing such questions as will Apache 1.2 catch on? What about the new Internet Explorer 4.0? Does the new Radiohead album “Kid A” refers to the James Bulger defendants?

A trip back in time when people were trying to figure out what this here Internet thingy was actually for.  Read more from one of the original writers here or subscribe via the old fashioned “email” here. And in just under a years time, the first mention of a thing…  and can anyone remember what happened to it… called “Google”.

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